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    How Angelina Jolie Deals With Her Emotional Scars

    Jolie opens up to BAZAAR in a candid interview about her “visible and invisible scars” and why she's fighting for freedom around the world.

    How Reese Witherspoon Faces Her Fears
    Natalie Portman talks to the 43-year-old actress about how she makes…
    Demi Moore Reveals All
    Ahead of the release of her candid new memoir, Moore opens up about …
    #BAZAARICONS: Alicia Keys Is on a High Note
    The musician opens up about love, motherhood, and why we could all u…
    Serena Williams Poses Unretouched for BAZAAR
    The tennis champion bares all for our airbrush-free August issue, an…
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    Jennifer Aniston: The Naked Truth

    The actress is BAZAAR's June/July cover star.

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    Alicia Vikander Leaps to New Heights—in Life and Fashion
    The usually private actress opens up about hiding her nerves, why she doesn’t use social media, and her upcoming movie with Julianne Mo…
    Cardi B on Strict Parenting and Being a Sexy Mom

    These are the quotes you won't see in the rapper's Harper's BAZAAR cover story.

    Cardi B Opens Up About Her "Rags to Riches" Cinderella Story

    The rapper talks fame, family, and whether she’ll ever get back together with Offset.

    Jennifer Lopez Is (Still) on Top of the World

    The singer, actress, and mother opens up about finding love and how she's survived 30 years in show business.

    10 Quotes from J.Lo's BAZAAR Interview that Didn’t Make it Into the Cover Story

    "I don't ever want to be told I can't do anything that I want to do. I'm gonna do it."

    Margot Robbie Wants to Change Hollywood

    The actress talks launching her own production company and the "alienating" experience of making her latest movie.

    Zoë Kravitz Poses Unretouched and Opens Up About Defying Stereotypes

    Kravitz talks with 'Big Little Lies' costar Reese Witherspoon about facing fears and making changes in Hollywood.

    BAZAAR ICONS 2018: The First Families of Music
    From Bruce Springsteen & Kanye West, to Christina Aguilera & Erykah Badu, the greats of rock, pop, and rap come together with their pro…
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    Taylor Swift Interviews Rock ’n’ Roll Icon Pattie Boyd on Beatlemania and the Power of Being a Muse

    Pattie Boyd opens up to Taylor Swift about what it was really like being married to two of rock ’n’ roll’s biggest legends.

    Gigi Hadid Interviews Bella Hadid On Fame, Family, and What's Really Fact From Fiction

    The 21-year-old face of Dior opens up in a candid interview with her fellow-supermodel sister.

    Gigi Hadid Sits Down With Blake Lively For an Intimate Conversation on Social Media & Self-Love

    The model gets candid in our May issue.

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    J. Lo's Flying High
    On top of the world personally and professionally, the superstar opens up about her #MeToo experiences, being a workaholic, and life wi…
    Selena Gomez Gets Candid About Her Wild Ride

    At 25, Selena Gomez has faced her share of obstacles—and emerged stronger than ever.

    Kendall Jenner Like You've Never Seen Her Before

    Cara Delevingne shows us another side of Kendall Jenner, the world’s most in-demand supermodel.

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